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Paine Falls' DeMarco 5" Centre-pin Reel


Classified as a 5” Center-pin, technically it is 4.950” / 125.7mm.
Spool width 21/32” / .650” / 16.51mm.
Spool depth 3/8” / .375” / 9.53mm.

Overall width from palming rim to back of back plate: 1-1/16” / 1.0625 / 27mm.
Mass: 10.1 Oz. (286.33g) Overall weight with 4.9 Oz. (138.91g) Spool weight.
Fully rounded palming rim for increased comfort.
Back plate domed and corners rounded to ensure maximum ergonomics and user comfort.
Available with stainless or brass accents for handles hardware, dust cap, and clicker lever.
Various color options (solid or mix and match reel component parts):  Black, Clear, Grey, Blue, Slate Blue, Red, Bronze, Copper, Green, Violet, Turquoise, Fluorescent Yellow, Olive drab.
Available in LH & RH Retrieve

(LHR Clicker placement 4 O’clock and RHR 8 O’clock from spool side of reel)
ABEC 7 Stainless Sealed/Shielded Bearings.
Acrylic Tapered handles (available in a number of color patterns including black and marbled)
Currently available in true 4.5” and 5” sizes.

Price is $550 USD shipped anywhere in the world.


Contact Adam DeMarco of Paine Falls at


     Inherent in all finely crafted merchandise is the ability to exude quality either visually or tactilely.  Manufacturer's spend thousands (sometimes millions) of hours and dollars to make sure their products appeal to as many of the senses as possible.  Sometimes this would include the sixth sense as you may just know that what you're observing or touching is high quality even before further investigation is begun to confirm this opinion.  There comes a point, as more experience is gained, that not only can the quality and refinement of a product be visually witnessed but also the invested time, love and attention to detail as well.  I think Paine Falls has produced an extremely strong competitor in a very limited segment of the upper echelon centre-pin reel market with this reel.  I made this conclusion long before I was able to test it on the river and during battles with angry fish, in short...I just KNEW!


     The "new" DeMarco centre-pin reel by Paine Falls oozes a "raised bar" attitude and higher standard of construction.  Through its smoothed surfaces and curved edges, that have been painstakingly machined, it is obvious that what you're holding is a "one-off" reel, but you'd be wrong!  This reel is available to many, not just a limited few or even one, although the amount of custom choices certainly permit the buyer to make it uniquely there's.  The wall thickness, porting, clicker and a host of other areas of the reel are impressive to say the least. Was there skimping in any area of this reel's manufacturing?  The answer would be no, not that we found!


     The size, weight and overall design fits and balances well with the 11'6" - 13'6" steelhead / salmon float rods that were used during testing.  We felt this length of rod would apply to most of the float fisherman considering this reel.  The distance or "stand off" between the reel and the bottom edge of the reelfoot was found to be perfect.  It wasn't too tall or too short as do some do absurd variances amongst makers seem to qualify as an afterthought.   The convex nature and curved rims on almost all edges allowed the reel to seat properly within the hand and permitted our fingers to easily reach and feather the spool.  We found the clicker engagement lever to be positioned in the best possible place to be both functional and out of the way when not in use.  The strength of the clicker has always been a topic of discussion and Paine Falls delivers a robust mechanism that doesn't disappoint in its ability to hold the spool steady.  When disengaged and while trotting down a river swim, the reel spins effortlessly and has enough mass that over-run was never a concern.   Some will argue that the amount of time that a spool spins is an indication of quality and while we agree that a better bearing will always spin longer...some emphasis needs to be placed on the mass of the spool and how well the bearings and spool mass work together to produce an evenly paced drift.  If trotting respectable distances is your goal, this reel will not disappoint! 


     Casting the reel with proficiency took little effort.  Whether you prefer to reel in line via finger flicking the holes of the spool or by way of the handles, you'll find either option works extremely well.  The handles are coned shaped and of the appropriate length to allow a positive hold but at the same time shed the possibility that fishing line will coil around them.  Note:  We were unable to test them with gloves as it was never cold enough to force the issue of having to wear them.  The diameter and width of the spool bed were more than ample to facilitate the placement of 20# dacron backing, intermediate budget line and yards of premium floating monofilament.  We made every attempt to keep the reel out of dirty water and the grim associated with sandy riverbanks, but the inevitable is inevitable...Since the reel does not feature a quick release mechanism, in lieu of a plate with four philips machine screws, it is important to note that cleaning of a disassembled reel streamside is not likely.  The tolerances of the reel's design are tight, but not tight enough that removing dirt through a quick dunk in cleaner water wouldn't be able to adequately flush it out and return it to free running functionality.  Just makes sure that if you must employ this technique, to give it a proper cleaning once you've returned home.


     Let's review what Paine Falls is offering the centre-pin enthusiast with the DeMarco centre-pin reel:  For $550 shipped, you receive a well balanced, smooth running reel, unique handle and anodized color options (at an additional cost) produced with a small shop attitude, built in the USA by a company intent on leaving a legacy long after an initial mark is made.  Combine the above with compassionate customer service and professional business practices and Paine Falls makes a very strong case that it should, at the very least, be considered as one of the few leaders of the pack.  While this new reel design was a loner for the review, there is no question that a purchase of a fully customized DeMarco reel is in FFC's future.  Now, will it find a place on the trophy shelf of collectable, quality centre-pin reels or strapped to my everyday steelhead rig to be beat on this fall?  Maybe both!























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