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Tying Tutorial...


"Bucktail Steelhead Jig"

(AKA:  "Pink and Purple ESL")

by ChromeDome


Good quality jig head (I prefer jigs from TC Tackle)

6/0 or similar pink thread

Purple/Opal Mirage flashabou

Purple bucktail

Head cement (optional)


(Step One)

Tie on thread and build a small thread base; at this point you can hit the thread with a drop of cement or superglue.  This helps to stop the material from rolling around the hook.



(Step Two)


Select a small bunch of bucktail and remove the under hair and cut to shape.  Form two loose wraps to hold the material and then press down on the hair with your thumb to distribute the hair around the hook.   Take 6-10 wraps of thread with a good bit of tension to secure the hair in place.



(Step Three)


Take 2 or 3 strands of mirage and fold them over the thread and then tie it in on either side of the hook.





(Step Four)


Build up a smooth thread base and then whip finish several times and tie off.  Add a drop of head cement to protect the wraps and give it a shiny finish.


















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