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Tying Tutorial...


"Pink Marabou Lite Brite Jig"

by ChromeDome



Good quality jig head (I prefer jigs from TC Tackle)

6/0 or similar pink thread

Pink Marabou

Pink Lite Brite (or similar material)

Head cement (optional)



(Step One)

Tie on thread and build a small thread base; at this point you can hit the thread with a drop of cement or superglue.  This helps to stop the material from rolling around the hook.



(Step Two)


Select a bunch of pink marabou and slightly dampen the tie-in tips.  Take 6-10 wraps of thread with a good bit of tension to secure the material in place.





(Step Three)


Select a small portion of the lite-brite dubbing, spin it onto your thread (wax may be used if needed) and give the jig a collar with several wraps of thread.





(Step Four)


Whip finish the head and add a drop of head cement.  To add a sparkle-buggy look, you can pull out the collar fibers with a dubbing brush (as shown).  At this point, you're done...Go Fishing!.


















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