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Named after those trophy "Blue Ribbon" waters all fly anglers dream of – Flambeau's rugged Blue Ribbon™ Waterproof Fly Boxes, are available in a number of different ways. The Original Blue Ribbon™ Waterproof Fly Boxes are available in 4 different sizes and 12 custom configurations; the Blue Ribbon™ Waterproof Mini Fly Boxes (Click Here to View) are available in 1 size and 3 custom configurations; the NEW Blue Ribbon™ Waterproof Swing-Leaf Fly Boxes (Click Here to View) are available in 3 sizes and feature our VFF (Vertical Friction Foam™); and the NEW Blue Ribbon™ Waterproof Twins (Click Here to View) are available in 2 sizes and offer twice the space with VFF (Vertical Friction Foam™) on both sides. Each of these precision fly boxes are perfect for protecting your expensive investments.


Swing-Leaf Fly Box 2926SL

• Waterproof
• Unique, removable, swing-leaf design
provides (4) storage surfaces
• VFF (Vertical Friction Foam) technology
consists of rows of vertically slit foam that
securely holds flies between the pads
using friction without allowing the hook
to pierce the foam
• Impact resistant plastic
• Heavy-duty metal hinges
• Positive cam locking latch system
• Rubber external bumpers increase
impact resistance

MSRP: $28.75
Size: 5" x 3.75" x 1.65"
(12.70 x 9.52 x 4.19 cm)




     I found the box very well constructed, in and out.  When they went for "impact resistant", they meant it.  A good amount of attention has been directed toward the impact zones and protecting them.  The latch was been built in such a way that it should last for many years to come and handle the torment it likely will encounter in a fly vest or pack.  There are a ton of "VFF" slots allowing one to carry more than enough flys for several days fishing let alone a half day outing!  The middle leaf is removal which allows the opportunity to stuff  in some larger flies and streamers without having them compressed and deformed when stored. 

     The use of metal hinges, strategically placed rubber bumpers and impact resistant plastic has turned this fly box into a "vault".  The "o" ring seal stays put in the mating edges, the middle leaf clips in and out with a tell-tale click and finally the foam "VFF" nubs appear to be durable enough to last for years of new flies and their rotation through them.  Depending on your current storage arrangement and what you're used to carrying your flies in, you may find this box a bit on the weightier side.  There is always a price to pay for rock solid durability and construction and with this box it comes in the terms of weight.  It isn't all that bad compared to metal versions, but if you currently use foam....you'll notice it.  The benefit to this trade off is that this box will keep your flies dry and secure and you can store about double the amount as compared the 100% foam versions.

     The best part of this box besides the fly carrying capacity and the apparent waterproof nature when closed, is the lock down action of the latch.  The cam shuts the box with solid clamping pressure and an loud "clack".  There is no mistaking that it is sealed and locked when closed.

     It floats!  Understandably, when a company builds a box like this and does so with a decent amount of high impact plastic, I'm always concerned if it will indeed float.  There is no worse an outcome than dropping a box that finds its neutral buoyancy two feet below the surface and out of view.  This box can take the splash down and float down river high on the surface.  The question is, "Are you fast enough to track it down before it drifts out to sea?!"  Combine this with an "o" ring seal that keeps your wet flies dry and your dry flies, wel...DRY, you can't beat the security.

      For the investment dollars, you have yourself a great fly box that will last for years and hold a ton of flies.  If is was a few dollars less expensive, I'd say this box is an outstanding value.  If you find yourself toting your fly box in an outside leg pocket of hiking shorts and traversing mountainous terrain in pursuit of trout, which inevitably will put it in the path of rocks, trees, and other hard surfaces and  obstacles...this is a box that will likely fair better than your knees and ankles.














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