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     Paine Falls Centerpin is a newly established centerpin reel designer and manufacturer located in a small northeast Ohio town named Leroy. This company was established just over a year ago, but don’t let that steer you from their products. For the last two years, the owner of Paine Falls Centerpin, Adam DeMarco, has studied centerpinning concepts, functionality requirements, and centerpin design literature. Much time has been invested interviewing experienced centerpinners across the U.S.A. and Canada and realizing the community's needs.  The goal of the company is providing high quality centerpin reels, manufactured in United States of America. Paine Falls Centerpin also provides unique services including custom engraving, repair services and "one-off" custom reel production.

Why purchase a
Paine Falls Centerpin reel?

     The reels are designed and updated using input from customers and an experienced testing team. The input received is analyzed and when feasible, integrated into the product using PFC’s high standards of design, machining and working knowledge of quality control. The main objective is to design a reel that best withstands Steelhead Alley’s harsh elements and provides a positive angling experience.

     Paine Falls Centerpin reels are produced in the U.S.A. No part on any Paine Falls reel is machined overseas with the exception of bearings, fasteners and raw materials. If a particular part is required to be produced by way of a sub-supplier, PFC will utilize only hand selected suppliers here in the U.S.A. or Canada.  This subcontracted shops have been selected because they employ the same quality standards as Paine Falls Centerpin.  Adam believes strongly in employing neighbors in lieu of increased profit margins by way of Asia.

Paine Falls Centerpin stands behind their work. If you have a problem with any reel purchase through them within 3 years of the original purchase date, they are all but a phone call away. If the failure is the result of manufacturer defect or workmanship, they will resolve the problem with efficiency. PFC desires the best angling experience for their customers by encouraging clients to contact them at any time with questions, concerns, or product enhancement suggestions.  PFC performs both warranty and non-warranty repairs regardless of how long you own and fish their centerpins.

Paine Falls Centerpin judges their performance by customer satisfaction. A review of the testimonial page located HERE should make you fully aware of the impact Adam's reels are making!

Additional comments from the owner of
Paine Falls Centerpin:

I feel the true value of a reel lies within the experience you derive when using it. My reel designs are heavily influenced by the Great Lakes Region centre-pinning community. I'm fortunate that my abilities allow me to integrate their recommendations and implement them in such a way so as to produce functionally superior designs. My product has been tested and machined to standards that will best withstand Steelhead Alley’s harsh climate and varying elements. They feature effortless startup, performing well in frog-water, and a correct balance of mass to handle flows created by winter run off as well. Both the Genesis and Torrent utilized a quick release mechanism permitting easy spool removal in the event of ice up or dirt enters within the backplate housing. Hard-coat anodizing have been used when never possible to increase the durability of the reel's finish.  This is in stark contrast to most Asian produced less expensive alternatives. My clicker design is strong and will survive any accidental engagement during the heat of battle. I provide a product that will perform well in all flows, is user friendly, durable and has the ability to withstand the elements or accidental stream side abuse. Purchasing a Paine Falls Centerpin is the beginning of a great relationship.  Not just between you and your new reel, but among us all!

Two centerpin models are available at this time, the 5” Genesis and the 5” Torrent.  The Genesis and Torrent will soon be available in 4", 4 3/8" and 5" diameters.  Color choices include anodized black, silver, or a combination of black and silver. Of course, custom colors are available upon request and for an additional charge.  Paine Falls Centerpin also provides custom reel services where your imagination fuels our design and construction.  If you can dream it, we can likely create it for you!


 Feel free to contact me, Adam DeMarco, @ 440.254.4294 or ademarcoreels@gmail.com

     Float Fishing Connection was given a Genesis 5" Centerpin reel for our review.  Below are the design specifications:

Genesis 5" Reel (V 3):

Description:  5" O.D. spool rim, 11/16” wide spool, 3 11/16” O.D. spool bottom or bed,  Holds 100 yards 20lb backing & Approximately 300 yards of 10lb mainline.  Quick release spool, strong clicker and rock hard anodize finish.  4” and 4-3/8” versions available summer of 2009. 


Colors:   Black, Black/Silver, Silver/Black, Silver. 


MSRP:  $475.00  


(special order colors available upon request, additional charges apply)


Custom handles available for any reel (including other makes and models) for $20.00 per set plus tax/s&h.  A wide range of material options available.  Please visit the photo gallery for examples.


(Dj) For a first generation reel, we found the reel to be quite impressive.  If this model is any indication of where Adam is headed with Paine Falls Centerpin the community will be afforded with a great "home grown" made in America centerpin maker.  If you looked around lately, there aren't many in existence!  The three colors of brass, aluminum and black are an extractive combination that is easily admired.  There is just enough brass to hint of elegance, but not over-powering to the point of "bling-bling".  I found the reel to be on the "heavier side", an hint of quality engineering and construction that I'm hoping won't interfere with the overall enjoyment of fishing it.  Adam has hinted that he will be taking a closer look, future generations, on mass saving measures.  An obvious tight rope walk as inevitably in must be properly balanced against the need for quality construction, durability and rigidity.


(Floatman) When the reel was first presented to me I noted, a very solid, heavy duty reel design with attractive porting & the black anodizing, extra strong clicker, very smooth startup and spin with exceptional line capacity. I was excited to get this reel loaded and on the water


(Dj) The Genesis spins like a top.  While it is understood that the duration of spin (within reason) alludes to nothing, it was nice to watch the spool spin for minutes with a quick flick of the finger.  The quick release spool and drag lever were self explanatory and easy to use.  The spool is light due to porting both in the face and in the line bed.  Due to the construction thickness of the backplate and the material use to make the reel foot, lightening the material of the spool was a good choice and helps to reduce the overall mass of the reel.


(Floatman) I really would have thought the heavy duty construction of this reel would impede the performance, but to the contrary, the startup and line payout of this reel is absolutely fluid even in the lightest flows. The extra strong clicker is a plus to me – less opportunity for unwanted reel spin as I move from hole to hole.


(Dj) If you're not familiar with fishing a 5" spool, you may be surprised with its speed at retrieving line and the rate at which it steadily pays out line during a trot.  I've always found a larger spool diameter more enjoyable to fish, but the cost to some (overall weight and size) may not agree with your particular style or learned preferences.  On a longer float rod, where as the reel is positioned nearer the butt end, the mass improves the balance.  While this is beneficial if your rod has a short aft cork section, it may not be as impressive if you like to fish your reels 16" off the butt.  This might be a consideration to consider when selecting a centerpin reel.

     We found the clicker to engage with authority.  This area alone, we believe, was engineered to answer the call for a clicker that holds strong and releases when it should (at the extremes) rather than the wimpy clickers found on many centerpins produced today that barely hold the spool from rotating.  The lever location is strategic and resides in the edge of the backplate.  This places it out of the way so as to not interfere with line loops, but close and accessible enough that using it is intuitive.  The design isn't revolutionary as it is similar to several other well known, high end and quality centerpin manufacturers, but the authority and solidness of the mechanical engagement is something to witness.  Flicking the lever produces a loud clank as if a jail cell door was slamming closed and latching.  The sound alone announces that it was engineered to work and be "all business"!  If you demand a strong clicker, you'll want for nothing more than the Genesis reel's design.

     The quick release spool is a welcome inclusion.  In the event grit were to make its way in between the spool and backplate, slight pressure placed against a small spring loaded lever located on axle end of the spool is all that is needed to separate the two pieces.  A quick cleaning of the debris sends you back to fishing in a minimal amount of time.  The fact that this method was chosen alone saves the possibility of accidentally losing a spool retention nut; an aggravating probability with several other designs.


(Floatman) This reel was used in temps from 15 deg. – 50 deg.. I have zero negative issues to report. Even after a dunk in the river and 30 degree air temps, I experienced no freeze-up. The reel has excellent startup and line payout in all conditions that I fished. I was extremely satisfied with the performance of this reel.


(Dj) I agree!



Cost = quite comparable to other custom reels that I have seen
Quality = Excellent Workmanship!
Value = Very Good for a custom reel made in the USA !


(Dj) I agree!

Paine Falls Centerpin  has chosen Erie Outfitters as the authorized retailer to best allow the

proper attention to be focused on building inventory levels, solidifying startup activities and implementing additional development work.  PFC will begin seeking additional retailers in the fall of 2009.


Please direct order / product inquiries to Erie Outfitters or Paine Falls Centerpin



Please Adam DeMarco with your interest in carrying the Paine Falls Centerpin product line.

For most of Ohio’s waters, the reel holds more line than is really needed “for me”, therefore a lot more backing had to be used. The reel is still a bit heavier than most I’ve experienced. I’ve had some fatigue after a full day on the water…HA HA HA, I guess I shouldn’t complain when I get a full day on the water, but perhaps some more or larger porting can be utilized to decrease overall weight or an increased inside diameter with larger porting?

I currently experience line-loop grabs from time to time on the handles of all reels that I have used. Is it possible to find or put barrel shaped handles instead of the hourglass shaped ones that all reels have? Could that eliminate line grab for “us” newer guys to centre-pin fishing?

Have you considered designing a reel back-plate with a convex profile similar to others I’ve used? I find a convex back-plate to conform better to my hand.
The Paine Falls Reel was very enjoyable to use. I feel this reel would be great for “big” water and would someday like to try it on such. Adam has created an awesome “tool” for the float-fishing community and I look forward to seeing additional variations as his product line grows.

Great Reel Adam!

Thanks for allowing us to work this reel over! I can tell you, it saw many steelhead and performed flawlessly!

James W. Britt Jr. (Floatman)
Steelhead Alley – Ohio


PS. I did get to witness the custom reel that you created for DJ, in use during our trip to PA, that reel is absolutely beautiful and I’d like to look into working with you to create a similar small reel to my liking.















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