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In this four part video series, Adam DeMarco of Paine Falls takes us through the steps necessary to clean, lubricate and maintain a centre-pin reel.  "Part IV" features the removal, cleaning and repacking of the ball-bearings.  DIY'ers will enjoy the additional footage in "Quick Release mechanism - Reassembly", where Adam will take us through, step-by-step, the reassembly process of a typical spool quick release cap.


(Part I- video size 64.9mb,9:39minutes) (Part II- video size 62.8mb, 9:56minutes)

(Part III- video size 62.7mb, 9:16minutes) (Part IV- video size 39.6mb, 9:32minutes)

(Quick Release Mechanism Reassembly- video size 59.6mb, 4:46minutes)  Videos added 8.28.09




We'll take you to the places that occupy our thoughts for an entire year in between trips.

God's country, Potter County Pennsylvania, has it's many "wild areas" filled with rugged terrain

and streams flowing straight from bosoms of the majestic Appalachian Mountain ranges.  Journey

with us and experience a taste of the fishing/camping experience that as a group we've called

a welcomed routine for going on 5 years now.


(video size 27.1 megabytes, 7:55 long, online 06.11.09)






Escape to a place far from the office desk that currently has you locked into captivity.

With five minutes to burn, allow the soothing sounds and visual appeal of a spring fed

waterfall to temporarily alleviate your stress.


We hope that it touches your soul the way it did for us!  Now get back to work!

(video size 18.8 megabytes, 5:11 long, online 05.01.09)






A quick review of several of the places that Dj & Jim fished.  We hope you enjoy our antics

and the footage!


(video size 34.7 megabytes, 9:15 long, online 05.02.09)



















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